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The Press ain't too Impressed

Most of the news articles about yesterday's game were lamenting the fact the Marlins didn't look like the 1927 Yankees.  Who in their right mind thought they would?

I could link to numerous articles with variations of the above theme, but why?  

Our team, Yes, it's our team, is mainly composed of kids.  They try hard and are in the process of learning the game at this level.

There are probably going to be more bad days than good but that is to be expected.  Does anyone remember when Louis Castillo came up to the majors his rookie year and then went back down to the minors and then came back up and went back down?  It was a roller coaster.

During that time I discovered I loved Castillo as a player, not just for his natural talent but also for how hard he played the game.

When Louie was traded it was all I could do to keep from crying or at least, throwing my computer out of the window for bringing the bad news.

The merry-go-round has come full circle, whether we wanted it to or not.

We start anew with new players of which I can barely spell half of their names from memory.  But these are not bad times, it is a time to learn and build a relationship, albeit virtual, with the Marlins (Whatevers) of the now and of the future.

Our team is growing right before our eyes, with some changes and  adjustments that will follow.* This can be enjoyable but it does take patience.

* There is a caveat to this but it screws up my story.  It is possible that if the Marlins get a stadium deal fairly quickly that the team could flip some of the young players for proven Major League talent.  Like I said, it screws up my story.