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The Dontrelle Willis Show

790 AM The Ticket is featuring a segment called the Dontrelle Willis Show.  It takes place every Wednesday for about 15 minutes.

Dontrelle has a question and answer program with Dan LeBatard and Jon "Stugotz" Weiner, including taking calls from listeners.

Now, it is possible I am the last to hear of this and all of the other FishStripers have been listening in since the inception of the show.  But it came as news to me.

Since the show is available for download and to podcast, I don't think anyone would mind if we link to it on FishStripes.  At least I hope not, should I hear from their attorneys I will know otherwise.

March 29, the first installment of the Dontrelle Willis Show.

If you would like, and assuming the suits don't mind, I will link to every show as the season progresses.  Just let me know.

I understand that it may kill you to leave a comment with your opinion on this but try to buck up and do it anyway.