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Off Day Blues

Okay - so that first week didn't go as we might have liked.

So the Fish are 1-4.  It could be worse, I suppose.  They still aren't in last place!  

Oh - poor, Philly.  

And THEY actually have hopes for this season!


Today is an off-day for the guys to get back to South Florida, where they haven't been in ten days. And some (Wellemeyer) haven't been there at all yet this year!  They'll get settled, find apartments (for those who didn't know they were making the team), etc.  

The best bit of that article, though, is where they outline the rotation for the upcoming week -

The Marlins rotation for next week will be: Sergio Mitre (Tuesday), Brian Moehler (Wednesday), Jason Vargas (Thursday), Dontrelle Willis (Friday) and Olsen (Saturday)

Glad to see that they will indeed be bringing up Olsen this week to take that fifth spot in the rotation.  Hopefully he does well and sticks for a while.  

I am looking forward to this week (even though it will be CRAZY busy for me, personally) as I think the Marlins have a good chance to actually win some games.  Maybe not five or six (let's not go overboard) - but certainly more than the ONE they got last week.  

Hopefully that home cooking will do them good.  

Everybody rest up today - I assume the home opener tailgating starts at 9:00 tomorrow morning!

Just wish I could be there.