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The U.S. defeated Mexico 2-0 through some stellar pitching and a couple of long balls.  Todd Jones did his part. I know he isn't with us anymore - just happy to see him apparently maintaining form.

In the Dominican Republic v. Venezuela game, Cabrera was a shining light at the plate going 2 for 3 with a home run driving in 3 runs.  Miguel barely missed his second home run of the game when it bounced off the top of the fence.  The Dominican went on to win the game 11-5.

Willis will start today against the left-handed heavy lineup of Canada.  He is slated to go three innings and then to be followed by Alois Leiter for two innings.

Nothing personally against Leiter but I sure hope that the U.S. is planning on hitting a little better today or they could be in for a long game.

The fact that Leiter struggled a bit against the San Francisco Giants on Sunday during a 12-7 U.S. exhibition win hasn't altered any plans.

"You know what? He threw pretty well [Sunday]," Martinez said about Leiter. "He made some bad pitch selections at times and didn't get the ball where he wanted. I'm not worried about Al Leiter. So we're fine. We're going to stay to the course and stick to the plan."

Leiter pitched the third inning in relief of Clemens and allowed four runs on five hits. He inherited a 6-0 lead and left with a 6-4 edge.

The game starts at 4:00 p.m. and will be on ESPN 2.