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Checking Out Shortstop

Since Pokey Reese is definitely out of the picture, the player who will man the shortstop position, at this point, is coming down two candidates: Robert Andino and Hanley Ramirez

Manager Joe Girardi said Robert Andino and Hanley Ramirez are both playing so well this spring that the starting shortstop job might not be answered until the end of camp.


..."The idea was to let them fight it out. Let's let them fight it out, and we'll go from there.''

If this remains equal until the end of camp Ramirez will probably be chosen due to his upside potential as assessed by the scouts.  Ramirez is considered to be a possible five-tool player in the future, though he has yet to show it.

My concern is that a Red Sox minor league coach, when asked if Ramirez was ready to start in the majors said something to the effect of:  No, he's not ready.  He's at best a double-A player.

Andino is probably no more ready than Ramirez.

But in the words of Wiggins:  if they are going to burn it down - let's burn it down all the way to ground.

Or something like that.  Wiggins has a way with words.