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The Roster is Coming into View

Some big changes to the roster took place yesterday.

Dr. F posted a diary giving the particulars of the transactions.

Dr. F's diary

I was sad to see Lenny Harris released.  Besides being a great pinch hitter he was a positive club house presence.  I thought the team could use the likable uncle giving guidance throughout the season.  But those in charge have a different model in mind.

Olsen will make two starts in Triple-A before being recalled.  The Marlins don't need a fifth starter until April 15, due to days off.  Which brings to question:  why does the team, season in and season out, have so many off days during the start of the season but come hurricane season they play everyday.  Just seems weird.

One final thing:  Willingham will open the season in Left Field and Olivo is expected to be behind the plate.  Which means I have given away the answer to the poll question and probably should change it - but it won't happen today.