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WBC Announcers have a Fish Flavor

A school of Marlins related individuals will be congregating behind the mics.

He will always be remembered around here as the Marlins' original first baseman in 1993, but these days Orestes Destrade is having a nice second career as a baseball broadcaster.


Destrade, who was born in Cuba and played in Japan in his pre-Marlin days, may be the perfect broadcaster for the WBC as he is fluent in English, Spanish and Japanese.


Former Marlins announcers Dave O'Brien and Jon "Boog" Sciambi are also involved in the WBC. Sciambi is doing play-by-play on the Tokyo regional, calling the games off a monitor at ESPN headquarters in Bristol, Conn.

Speaking of the WBC, Korea won the inaugural game besting Chinese Taipei 2-0.

China v. Japan should be in the final innings while you are sipping your morning coffee.  Of course, this depends on where you live and how early you awake.