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Where are you, Pokey?

Dr. F insightfully pointed out that Pokey Reese has been missing from Marlins camp for the past two days. Even the Marlins don't know where he is.

EDIT: In a very similar story, posted just minutes after the original one, notes that Reese has informed his agent (who has in turn told the Marlins) that Reese is safe. No word, as far as I can tell, about when Reese is expected back or what the issue is.

Reese has had a tough year, as he's dealt with surgery and rehab; he didn't play at all last year. As most folks know, Reese has also overcome a lot in life - both as a youngster and now as an adult.

It's been an unusual week in spring camps. Zach Greinke left Royals camp, for unknown reasons (but he did tell the team he was leaving). More recently, Eric Gagne left Dodgers camp for "personal reasons". Now Pokey Reese, who was/is expected to play a significant role for the Marlins as a middle infielder this season, is flat out missing. He didn't tell the club where he was going and apparently no one knows where he is.

Hopefully whatever is happening now isn't serious. Here's hoping that Reese is ok and returns to Marlins camp shortly.

Saturday Update: Per the Herald, don't expect Pokey back in camp anytime soon. His career with the Marlins may be over just as soon as it started.