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Odds to Win the 2006 World Series

Spring training is almost over so the girls and boys in Vegas have been hard at work to determine who has the best chance of bringing home the crown.

The Marlins have had a good spring so one would naturally conclude that their odds of winning the World Series have improved.

Here are the odds as of November 30, 2005:

World Series Odds

Bringing us into the present day: the new odds are as follows:

How did the team go from 100-1 to 250-1?  It doesn't make sense to me.  Maybe you can explain it.

If you are the gambling type of Marlins fan, you could take your hard borrowed five dollars and put $1 on Dontrelle to be the Home Run King and the other $4 on the Fish to win the whole thing. And if it all works out - you will have $2000. If not, I'm sure the person who lent you the money never expected to be paid back anyway. So it's a no lose situation.