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Trades Yesterday

As you know, if you read the diaries, the Marlins acquired Todd Wellemeyer yesterday.

Our resident Cubs and Marlins fan, NocNoc, put his thoughts down about the deal and it is worth a read.

NocNoc's diary post.

I'm somewhat less than thrilled about the transaction.  Sure, he is rejoining his old pitching coach from Triple-A.  But let's face it, he has a 8.25 ERA for the spring and if the Marlins decide to send him down he would have to clear waivers.

Read NocNoc's post - he basically covers everything.

The other transaction that took place yesterday was a Minor League swap with the Reds.

The Marlins traded catcher Ryan Jorgensen for second baseman Carlos Piste.  I guess Carlos has a good glove because up to this point, he sure hasn't hit.