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Wednesday's Deadline Approaches

Two deadlines are running up against each other that may decide if certain players are on the roster or not.

Ligtenberg and fellow reliever Matt Herges have clauses in their non-guaranteed contracts that allow them to request their release if they're not added to the 25-man roster by Wednesday.

Outfielders Mike Kinkade and Matt Cepicky have the same provisions in their minor-league deals.

Marlins manager Joe Girardi expects to have his 25-man roster by Thursday

Neither Ligtenberg or Herges has allowed a run this spring.  The way I see it, both have made the club or at least should make the club.

Girardi may see it differently.  If he is planning on keeping them or not, he should tell them.  If not, they need time to get with their agents and see if they can find another team to join.  If he is going to keep them, he needs to end the uncertainty so they don't exercise their options tomorrow.

It's in Joe's court - I trust he will do the right thing.