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Place Your Bets

A Marlin is listed in Las Vegas amongst the top 49 players to be the most likely to be home run king for the upcoming season.

For wagering on the home run king,....Caesars has 49 players and a field.

Caesars' 49th candidate, however, appears to be a novelty choice: good-hitting pitcher Dontrelle Willis of the Florida Marlins is listed at 1,000-1.

Okay, what does Dontrelle have to do to bring home this coveted title:  Vegas has the over/under for the most home runs at 48 1/2,

Since the D-Train is averaging just one HR per season and he plays half his games JRS this definitely qualifies as long shot.

Good Luck if you place this bet but please don't put the mortgage/rent payment or the kids college fund down.  It could prove to be unwise.