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The Net Swoops In

Now, there are 31.

Nate Bump was optioned to Albuquerque yesterday.  I find this interesting in that Bump has been with the club for the last three years.  I guess after shoulder surgery last season the powers that be didn't see the recovery they were hoping for.

This opened the door for another addition to the team.

Right-hander Carlos Martinez completed his two-inning outing against the Orioles on Monday at Fort Lauderdale Stadium. Before leaving the dugout, Martinez said manager Joe Girardi told him he'd made the team.

A mid-90s fastball and his command of three other pitches made the Marlins forget Martinez has totaled three innings above Class A.

All the way from Class A to the Bigs, this year's team will be far from boring.  Just hoping it is in a good way.

I suspect the team's makeup will change many times over the course the season.  With that said, Welcome Aboard Carlos!