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The Net Swoops In

What once was 37 proud Fishes swimming in the aquarium, now there are 32.  

By the end of the week there will be 25.

Andino, first baseman Jason Stokes and right-hander Travis Bowyer were optioned to Class AAA Albuquerque. Mark Little and Ryan Jorgensen were re-assigned to minor-league camp.

This makes Ramirez the starting SS for opening day.  It's not really much of a surprise given his spring training performance.  But the person who may have benefited the most from the announced releases is Alfredo Amezaga.  It almost guarantees that he will make the team since he is the only one left, who comes to mind, that can play both 2B & SS.

Robert Andino didn't take the news of his demotion very well:

But after learning he was being sent down in a morning meeting with manager Joe Girardi and general manager Larry Beinfest, Andino left camp in a huff, his agent said.

''He's having a hard time with it,'' said Michael Maulini, Andino's Miami-based representative. "He's very upset. He doesn't understand the whole thing. He felt like all along he wouldn't get a fair shot to win the job.''


''He's got to deal with it,'' he added. "It's just part of the game.''

Robert, I understand, morning meetings never work out in my favor either.  Good luck with the Isotopes.  See you soon.