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Willingham Starts in Left Field

Willingham made his first start of spring training in left field against the Orioles on Saturday.

Willingham said. "I worked hard behind the plate, and I want to play there. Left field isn't as much of a grind as catching, especially mentally, and it will keep my legs fresh and keep me in the lineup."

It's interesting timing.  A few weeks ago I read a quote said by Josh, which I will find if someone ask for it, paraphrasing: a reporter asked him how long it would take to adjust if he were to play left field.  Willingham said it would take about a week to become confident at that position.

Girardi had this to say:

"He is still going to catch," manager Joe Girardi said. "We are going to move him around. We'll get more production if he doesn't catch six days in a row."

I have no idea what that means.  I completely agree he will be more productive if he doesn't spend the entire season behind the plate.  But the rest of it can mean anything.

From: Josh is the third catcher and if the manager wants to pinch hit for the second catcher late in the game he has that option. To: He catches 5 days and plays the outfield 2 days.

We will see how this develops.  Presently there are a lot of rumors afloat that the Marlins are looking to add an outfielder through a trade and possibly two.  It has been hinted that we may know on Monday if this going to happen.

If the trade happens it will change everything.  We shall see.