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Marlins Win

The Fish had a good day on the big diamond at Vero Beach improving their spring training record to 14-6-3.

D-Train started looking more like himself and only giving up two runs on three hits in 6 innings.

Dontrelle did something I wish he would stop doing - especially in spring training games.  He slid head first into third.

Afterwards he had this to say:

"I don't know how to slide feet first yet. I think I went the safest route.''

How hard is it to teach someone to slide feet first?  I mean, I learned how in little league.  This is spring training couldn't they do some D-Train sliding practice?

The opposing pitcher Derek Lowe didn't fair so well.  Normally I wouldn't mention the other team but I liked what 6-4-2 had to say about it.

So what's the excuse this time, Derek? Girlfriend(s) got your tongue? Six earned in 4.0 IP...

Jacobs and Abercrombie had very good days at the plate.

For a recap of the game:

Marlins 9 Dodgers 2