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With Six You Get Eggroll

Do you remember the doughnut give away thing?  What was it?  If the Marlins scored ten runs or more in a home game you got a dozen doughnuts or something like that.

This year the fans may need a Chinese food restaurant to step to the plate and make the deal.

 Girardi is considering going with 6 starters - yes, you read that right.

The Marlins might have a solution for their surplus of potential starting pitchers: open the season with six for five slots.

"It's possible we could take more than five starters,'' manager Joe Girardi said Thursday.


But Girardi said he wants to avoid the risk of overworking his young pitchers. One way to assure that would be to have the younger starters occasionally skip a turn.

"It helps if you have maybe a few more starters than a normal club would have,'' he said. The extra starter could go to the bullpen in long relief or work as a spot starter "where you skip a guy if he needs to iron something out.''

The article goes on about how Olsen could be moved to the pen to provide a left-handed reliever if Tankersley doesn't make the team.

Six starters actually makes sense to me.  Towards the end of last season Vargas and Johnson effectively made one starter.

Vargas started and went 5 then Johnson came in and went 3 then Todd Jones entered the game.  That was on a good night.  For the most part it was an effective tandem.

The way I read it:  Willis, Moehler and Vargas start every fifth game and then Mitre, Johnson, Olsen and Nolasco make up the final two slots.

This idea has some merit.