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South Florida Stadium News

In today's Miami Herald was this tidbit:

Samson keeps in contact with Hialeah Mayor Julio Robaina, but significant progress has not been made in stadium talks.

Not really surprising, then I found this and this on The Marlins Ballpark News blog.

Yes, I'm going to make you click over to see it.

His source is a Marlins message board reporting content from a Spanish language radio station.  Spanish language stations are often accurate and ahead of the game.  Message boards are not always known for getting the story correct.

My gut reaction is to go with the Herald and see if anyone confirms the message board's story.

On a somewhat different note:

Our good friend Photi has a very interesting take on Huizenga's recent comments.  Ignore the part where he links to FishStripes.  There may have been some good reasons to link to that post but that wasn't one of them.  It's just Photi being the good guy he is.  He already knew all of the information - he was just being nice.

Anyway, Photi's take.