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The Lineup is Starting to take Shape

It looks like Joe is settling in on a lineup.

For the past few days, Girardi has gone with Hanley Ramirez leading off, followed Jeremy Hermida, Miguel Cabrera, Mike Jacobs and Josh Willingham. Dan Uggla is sixth, with Reggie Abercrombie seventh and Chris Aguila eighth

While he wouldn't commit to this being written in stone, when asked about it, he offered only changes in the batting order.

"Our lineup is subject to change, depending on what happens here," Girardi said. "We're going to hit either Herm [Hermida] or Jacobs behind Miguel. Right now, we've moved Herm up to the two hole, [where] we think he's a better fit."

Given what he said, this maybe the starting eight.  Ramirez appears a lock at SS since Andino is now taking infield practice at second.  The thought process is that Andino will be a late-inning defensive replacement for Uggla and a fill-in at short.

If this holds, I don't feel Amezaga had a fair shot of making the team.  It will be an unfortunate cost to the young player for playing in the WBC.

Writer Juan C. Rodriguez has the pitching rotation as follows:  Dontrelle Willis, Brian Moehler, Mitre, Vargas and Johnson.

Larry Beinfest said, earlier, it will probably be:  Willis, Moehler, Vargas, Johnson, Olsen.

I am sure Mr. Rodriguez has his contacts in the club.  It will be interesting to see how the decision making is distributed within the organization.  In other words, does Girardi have complete say in the players he wants on the field or does the GM have the power to showcase the players he desires.  Maybe it is some mutual agreement - should prove enlightening.  Naturally this assumes Beinfest hasn't had a change of heart.

 In other news, Ricky Nolasco has been moved to the bullpen and will try to make the team from there.

Several players were sent down to the minors.  Maverick has the details.