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Lean to the Left

The Marlins maybe in a position to go with three left-handed starters.

It's rare, but not unheard of. A handful of teams typically have three left-handed starters. If Scott Olsen has his way, the Marlins will be among those in 2006


"I don't have a problem with that," Girardi said. "The idea is to go with your best pitchers, bring all our best pitchers with us. If that means having three lefties in the rotation that's what it means."

There are already two teams, possibly more, slated to go with three left-handed starters for the 2006 season.  They are the Tigers and the Devil Rays.  While that isn't, normally, the company that I like to hear the Marlins mentioned in the same breath.  (Aside:  the Devil Rays have some good young talent with future potential for success.)  It could be where the team is for the upcoming year.

On another note:  the A's had success starting three left-handers - of course our three aren't Zito, Mulder and Redman.  But come to think of it - they're not that far off.