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No News Is Good Bye

But then... you guys have come to expect no news from me, haven't you?  Oh well.  

There seems to be some good stuff to talk about - rotation shaping up, Cabrera and Willis getting back, etc... but I don't have time.  I can't write much now.  I am just putting up a quick note to say goodbye.  I will be heading out later today for Rome.  I'll be gone for a week and a half so Craig will take over what little duties I have here for that time (in addition to all his other stellar work).  

Try not to miss me TOO much.  

Today, if anyone wants to put up a diary to discuss any of those things I mentioned - or consider this an open thread for Marlins news of the day - feel free!

I'll be singing a lot while I'm over there including, indeed, for the Pope.  Maybe I will try and figure out how to wear my Fishstripes T-shirt under my Cassock while I sing for him!  Somehow that concept tickles my fancy - and everyone needs their fancy tickled now and then, no?    

Maybe I just need sleep.

Have a great couple of weeks everyone!  I'll be back in time for opening day, and I will try and check in now and then when I can, but I make no promises.  When I do, though -  I want to see some enthusiasm!  Let's start building up for a nice run to the beginning of the season, people!

Go Marlins!