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Game Today

Joe will get a chance to glad-hand his old mates as the Yankees come to Jupiter today.

Willis, Cabrera and Amezaga are expected to join the team for today's game after their stint in the WBC. Speaking of which, if Roger Clemens retires, for good this time, Alfredo Amezaga will be the answer to a trivia question. I don't know if you saw it or not but he got the last hit Clemens gave up in the game against Mexico. So place your bar bets.

Big Moe will be prominent on the hill as the Marlins starter.  The Yankees will counter with Jaret Wright.  Jaret has had a fine spring training thus far, sporting a 12.91 ERA.

The game is at Roger Dean Stadium and starting at a the same boring time it always starts - 1:05 p.m.

Head out to the game.  Get there early and be sure to take along a printout of your brackets.  That way you will know if you are toast in your pool before you get home.  Beats cussing at the television or maybe you are doing better than I am.

It's an open thread, as always.