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Rumor Afloat

Dan Uggla may not be a shoo-in at second base.

The Marlins continue to consider adding a veteran second baseman to replace Pokey Wilson, who went AWOL for undisclosed reasons earlier in camp and had his contract voided. In addition to Phillies backup Tomas Perez, they are also reportedly looking at Boston's Tony Graffanino and Baltimore's Desi Relaford.

I can't think of why you give up much of anything to get one of those players and add it to THIS team.

Grafanino is a career .268 hitter.  Yes, I know he batted .309 last year but he is hitting .100 this spring.

Relaford is a career .224 hitter and Perez is a career .244 hitter.  Relaford and Perez can also play SS.  

Still, I harken back to Wiggins quote: "if they are going to burn it down - let's burn it down all the way to the ground."

For my money, leave Uggla in at second and let's go with the kids.