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Willingham Out due to Back Spasms

In case you were wondering and I know Matt was - Josh has been having back spasms.

Catcher Josh Willingham has been out of the Marlins lineup since Sunday because of back spasms. While he was cleared to play on Thursday, Florida opted to not take him on the one-hour bus trip to Dodgertown.

"We're just being protective," manager Joe Girardi said. "He was OK to play today. But we're going to make sure that he is OK during the regular season. He will catch Saturday."

I was kinda hoping we would make sure he was OK everyday of the year but I think I know what Joe meant.

When Willingham rejoins the lineup the intensity of the workload is going to increase.

Early on, Girardi was rotating Olivo and Willingham every other game. Now, they both will be used on successive days.

"Miguel played a few days in a row," Girardi said. "Josh is going to play a few days in a row. We'll eventually work up to three days in a row. It's hard because we have two catchers that need to play. We'll start stretching them out the last couple of weeks."

My guess, knowing a very little about catching, is that they changed his crouch position to the proper one.  I suspect that Josh has spent more time in the weight room than on the yoga mat and his developed back muscles tightened.

I haven't seen him catch this spring but, I'm guessing here again, they have been teaching to move laterally in the crouch position instead of coming up and then going back down.

But it is just a guess.