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Marlins to play in San Juan?

Please say it ain't so.

Major League Baseball officials met with promoters in San Juan two days ago to discuss the possibility of moving some regular-season games, including at least one series involving the Marlins, as early as this season.

''We've talked about the possibility of the Marlins playing down here for a limited number of games,'' said baseball president Bob DuPuy.  "Given the current situation in Miami and the absence of any plan for a stadium . . . I'm sure they'd be willing to look at it.''

But P.J. Loyello, the Marlins' vice president of communications, said the club has not been contacted about moving any games.

I have no idea, if this does happen, how MLB and the club would handle the season ticket holders who are robbed of some games.

The good news is the franchise, at least in the press, is unaware of the possibility for this season and the way DuPuy phrased it, it sounds like the organization can choose against the proposal.

I hope they do.  If this transpires, it will continue to erode whatever fan base is left in South Florida.  There can't be anything good come out of having the team play in Puerto Rico other than the good citizens of San Juan get to see a few MLB games.

If the Marlins are serious about staying in South Florida, I can't believe this move will be well received by the local politicians or the electorate.

Does MLB really believe the Montreal model was a success?