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Dress for Success

Since Joe has instituted a clean shaven policy, a good guess would be that the team won't be traveling in jeans and tee-shirts.

The fashion designers Sami Jenks and Tara Murfield were in camp yesterday measuring the players for new duds.

The Palm Beach Post caught up with them to ask a few questions.  One being:

Name the most fashion-conscious players.

SJ: Dontrelle Willis, Miguel Cabrera.

TM: Jeremy Hermida. He just bought five suits today and he knew exactly what he wanted.  

What a bummer for Sami and Tara, Miguel and Dontrelle aren't even in camp and they are about the only players making over the league minimum.  It couldn't have been the payday they were looking for even with Hermida's desire to style and profile.

When asked if they were baseball fans, Tara responded:

TM: I'm a huge baseball fan. I live in St. Louis.

St. Louis!?!  Now, I don't read Vogue and I sure wouldn't ever present myself as knowledgeable about the fashion scene.  But when did the fashion capitals of the world become:  New York, Paris, Milan, St. Louis.

Yes, I know, making clothes to fit athletes is a speciality job.

So if you want to dress like your favorite player this year call the designers up and get his line.  It will be perfect for stalking.

(Legal Disclaimer:  Don't stalk the players, besides the legal ramifications, they can beat you up.)