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Cool Spring Stats So Far

I know, I know -

These mean NOTHING.  Not only are spring training stats basically useless under the best of circumstances, and not only are most of the best players playing in the WBC this year, but also - this is still a VERY small sample size...


It's awful purty.

In no particular order -

Willingham - .500 .591 .938
H. Ramirez - .357 .400 .750
D. Uggla   - .323 .333 .484

Some lesser lights -

W. Helms   - .391 .400 .565
J. Stokes  - .345 .355 .655
Abercrombie- .542 .560 .958

Oh - and for good measure - over at the WBC...

M. Cabrera - .308 .471 .846

Obviously, I have left off the uglier looking stats, and any players that I think aren't likely to really affect the team much this year (or who have too few at-bats for even this silly piece), but I like the way some of this looks, even if Willingham only has 16 AB.  I'm ready to join Maverick and designate him the starting catcher of my heart - right now.

The pitchers look nice, too, but none of them have enough innings to even begin to really look.  Even for me.

Maybe next week.