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Stokes Apparently CAN Carry Willingham's Glove

So, apparently, we are now giving up any pretense of actually playing defense.

If Stokes plays in left, Uggla at second, Willingham at catcher, Abercrombie in center... Lordy-be!  This'll be fun!

I'm actually fine with this.  I say they take it one step further - how about before each game, each player draws their position out of a hat?  How cool would THAT be?  Not only does it have the added interest to the fan of possibly seeing your favorite player do something he has no idea how to do (think of the possibilities - Miggy catching!?!?!?  Awesome!), but think of what it would do for the psyches of the players themselves.  How would you feel showing up to the park not knowing where in the hell on the field you were playing that night?  I'd be a wreck!  I certainly don't think I'd have time to worry about silly things like how crappy my team is or how bad I'm hitting...

How come no one's thought of this before?

I guess we'd have to exclude pitchers from this whole equation, as that might get a bit crazy - and we wouldn't want that!