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For the USA to move to the next round the following must happen:

Win against South Africa.  

That is it.  Nothing more.  A win and it's a trip to the second round.  Lose and well, Dontrelle is back in camp.  Having Willis in Jupiter wouldn't necessarily be a bad thing but since he is already out west, might as well win since coming home, will cost him money.

Whenever Dontrelle returns to camp, Lenny Harris will be there waiting..

Did you watch Dontrelle pitch?

Dontrelle was hit so hard he started eating sunflower seeds.


Dontrelle has been away from them for a long time. We always had a little bet about sunflower seeds. He said he was done eating them. Last night I seen him on TV eating a bag. I figured they hit him so hard he started eating them again.

Wait, you actually made Dontrelle a bet?

For the last two years he hasn't had any. I was messing with him in spring training. "Here are some seeds." He wouldn't eat them. Then I was watching the game yesterday, he was right behind Reggie Smith, one of the coaches, and he was just crushing them seeds.

And you're a richer man because of it.

He owes me a hundred dollars!


USA 17 RSA 0 F

NED 10 PAN 0 F


PUR 12 CUB 2 F