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Quips and Quotes

Frank Robinson may have stumbled upon the reason the U.S. pitching was so hittable against Canada.  Other than Leiter was allowed to take the hill.

Robinson, when ask if he saw Chad Cordero's perfect inning of relief in the World Baseball Classic against Mexico.

"Yes, I saw that. What really caught my eye was the 1-1 slider he bounced in the dirt to one of the guys. I was like, what is that? Then he came back and got the guy out and I said, now that's better. He's working on some of his pitches over there. I hope Buck Martinez knows that." I turned my back when he threw that slider."

Robinson was then informed Nats catcher Brian Schneider was doing the catching when Cordero was out there. "Yeah, and I will talk to him to," he said.

Oh, since the guys aren't in spring training they are treating the WBC as spring training.  Kinda defeats the original premise of them being in the Classic.  Hopefully not everyone on the U.S. team is employing this strategy.

Now to a guy who has FishStriper written all over him:

Baseball fan John DeBerry, who was asked why he was still in the stands in the 7th inning of Tuesday's 22-12 game which lasted 3 hours and 50 minutes. The score was 22-10 at the time.

"Cause they're still selling beer."

I don't know John but I do know this - he would fit right in around here.  John, if you happen to read this, sign-up - kindred spirits abound at this site.