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Pitching Machine Overpowers Hitters

Oh boy.  This could indeed be a long season.

The Marlins' prospects fighting for positions finally made their spring debut Tuesday in an intrasquad game. The biggest star? A pitching machine that recorded five strikeouts.

"The machine was outstanding,'' quipped Wayne Rosenthal, the team's minor-league pitching coordinator.

In case you were wondering, the pitching machine was setup to throw only breaking balls.

Why do I feel I could just put Major League into the DVD player and watch the early part of the movie during spring training to completely get the experience of being in Jupiter?

The good news is that the Marlins won't have to face a pesky pitching machine during the regular season.  Luckily, they get to hit against live arms.

It's early yet - it's bound to get better.  I hope it gets better.