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The Calvary is coming?

The phone call has been placed and the signal spotlight shown towards the clouds.

Major League Baseball officials are expected to take a more active role in the Marlins' stadium search shortly after the league completes some other pressing issues.

As the league monitors the Marlins' situation, team president David Samson points out that MLB executives are currently dealing with stadium matters and the sale of the Nationals in Washington.

The deal in Washington maybe done.

Just hours after rejecting an earlier proposal, the Washington, D.C., City Council reversed course early Wednesday morning and voted to approve a 30-year lease for the Washington Nationals to play at a still-to-be-constructed stadium on the waterfront, just a mile south of the Capitol building.

Assuming it is done, and there is no guarantee that it is, MLB may soon enter the picture - grabbing the torch and leading the way to a new stadium deal for the Fish.

Why do I get the feeling we aren't getting Winston Wolfe to come in and save the day.  Instead we're getting Dudley Do-Right, but with a much worse record of success and sadly lacking the good intentions of the Mountie.  

Maybe it's just me.