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Season Ticket Sales Down

Season ticket sales aren't expected to reach last years levels.  Well, duh.

Marlins President David Samson said Monday he expects the team to sell about 5,000 season tickets for the 2006 season, down from about 10,000 last season.

That must not include the 10,000 they already sold in their bait and switch program at the end of last season.  Then building even more good will with their generous and understanding policy of season ticket sales - Caveat Emptor.

Take heart, it is all being done purely as a humanitarian service.

"If there's a dollar of cash profit, our payroll would be $1 higher," Samson said. "Jeffrey will not be putting $1 into the team, or taking $1 out. That is how we arrived at the payroll we arrived at, because as I said, the days of losing money for Jeffrey are over. But we've also said -- and it's true -- that Jeffrey's not using this to make money for himself. Any extra money that would exist would go to players."

Yeah, Right.