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Willis Engaged

Dontrelle Willis's love life has been the Marlins top gossip story since Carl Pavano took his high profile love life--headlined by a relationship with Alissa Milano--to the Yankees.

Around the time of the 2003 World Series, it was rumored that Dontrelle was interested in one of the Williams sisters of tennis fame (I think it was Serena, but I can't find a link to that, so maybe I'm not remembering it correctly). Then there was talk of a long time girlfriend from back home. Then we were told that Dontrelle pitched wearing a rosary given to him by his fiance's mother (I also can't find a link to a story about that - just the image, but I am sure it's true--I think it was in the Herald). Then we heard about a girl from Oakland who was playing college volleyball in Idaho who was allegedly Dontrelle's love interest.

Now we hear again that Dontrelle is engaged (yes, there was confusion about this before, but now there's a new name in the mix). Apparently they'll get married after the season. I wonder if that means October or November to Dontrelle. Good luck to Mr. Willis and Ms. Vitagliano.