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Lineup Analysis

David Pinto's, Baseball Musings, offers a Lineup Analysis tool on the site.  It's pretty simple to use - you just type in the players name, OBA, Slugging and it calculates the lineup order that will generate the most runs.

This the starting lineup I chose:

Reed - CF
Hermida - RF
Cabrera - 3B
Jacobs - 1B
Willingham - LF
Uggla - 2B
Reese - SS
Olivo - C
Willis - P

To test my selected order in the lineup analysis program, I used data provided by Baseball Forecaster.  A player who has major league experience, the 2006 projection is used and those who don't, the MLE (major league equivalence) is used in its place.

I was going to use the PECOTA cards but since the raw data is shown - I don't think I am allowed too.  Using the PECOTA cards would have made little difference in the results.

So here is the best batting order for the above nine:


This lineup is expected to generate 4.928 runs per game.  Yes, that's right, the best run producing order has D-Train in the six-hole. My original order yielded only 4.773 runs per game.

Now, you may not agree with my starting nine and want Willingham behind the plate, Aguila in LF, and Ramirez at SS, or something to that effect.

Here are the projections or the MLEs of some of the other players:

Player, OBA, Slug

Augila, 321, 417
Ramirez, 308, 360
Abercrombie, 245, 379
Treanor, 289, 270
Andino, 293, 324
Helms, 321, 405
Amezaga, 337, 375
Stokes, 302, 426

So, knock yourselves out doing all the permutations.