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Shiny Penny Once Again

I don't spend much time on the former Marlins and given the year I started following the team, that is for the best, since I am ill-equipped to do so.

But a reader of this blog, from Arkansas, is a fan of Brad Penny and I must admit I am too.  Since the SB Nation doesn't, of yet, have a Dodgers site I felt a need to fill the request on how he is doing in the very early part of spring training.

In the team's first full-squad workout of the spring Tuesday, Penny faced a group of hitters that included former batting champions Nomar Garciaparra and Bill Mueller and wowed them with an exploding fastball and an improved changeup.

If you are not interested in Brad Penny, fair enough, but if you are, I recommend clicking on the link and reading the whole article.

On occasions we do request.