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Olivo: WBC Not for Me

The Dominican Republic team made a hard push to get Olivo to join the squad for the WBC.

Marlins manager Joe Girardi said he covered his ears with his hands when Olivo tried to tell him about his decision.

"He started to tell me and I said, 'I don't want to know. This is a big decision and there's no reason to make it too early,' " Girardi said.

"I told him, 'Your spot on this team is not going to change if you play or don't play. It's an honor to be chosen to play, so if you want, go ahead. I'm all for you."

Olivo, however, said he won't change his mind, even though he knows it will upset fans in his country, where he is considered the top Dominican catcher.

"They're going to be mad,'' he said, "but they have to understand my situation. I'm new here. I didn't have a good year last year. I have to know all the pitchers here.''

There is a reason the good citizens of the Dominican Republic might be a bit dismayed about his decision:

...the other four catchers on the Dominican's preliminary roster are Juan Brito, Alberto Castillo, Sandy Martinez and Ronny Paulino

Given the group of other potentials Olivo would be the better choice.

A player should never be faulted for deciding to represent their country on the field of play.  But on a completely selfish note, I'm glad he is staying in camp.

Next to make their decisions are pitchers Yusmeiro Petit and Renyel Pinto.