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The Marlins Olympics Connection

The Winter Olympics are currently in progress and the Marlins have, in camp, a connection to the international contest.  Alright, it's not a connection to the winter games but it's the Olympics nonetheless.

Mike Kinkade was a gold medalist on the US baseball team in the 2000 games in Sidney.

The Palm Beach Post rounded up Mike and asked about his thoughts on the Olympics.

60 seconds with Marlins infielder Mike Kinkade

Mike reported to camp with the pitchers and the catchers but on the first day he spent much of his time with the training staff and can look forward to placing his foot in the tube.

Infielder Mike Kinkade, who reported early to help out with the catching, will undergo an MRI on an ankle based on his physical results.

Hopefully it is just a precautionary measure and he will get every chance to compete for a spot on the roster.

Unfortunately, time in the trainer's room is not a new experience to Mike.

Kinkade, 31, played the 2004 season in Japan's Central League with the Hanshin Tigers. He was limited to 26 games and hit .233 (20-for-86) with three homers and seven RBI. He missed time after suffering a concussion and also a broken left hand after being hit by 12 pitches in 26 games.

I'm guessing he didn't finish first in his class at Craig Biggio's Getting Plunked Academy.  But he was definitely in attendance for the, getting in the way of the pitch, lesson.