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The Catcher Situation

Not sure what we learned about the catcher situation after the first workout but the two main candidates are on different paths at the moment.

Willingham is holding down the video room:

...bench coach Gary Tuck have catching backgrounds. Tuck's program should quickly determine whether Willingham is cut out for the position.


That process is well on its way. Tuck didn't wait until Monday's workout to engage Willingham. He'd already given him an instructional DVD narrated by Johnny Bench and featuring some Jorge Posada highlights.

In the meantime Olivo is doing bullpen work with the D-Train:

Starter Dontrelle Willis received good reports on catcher Miguel Olivo from friend and Padres pitcher Jake Peavy. Olivo finished last season with the Padres, appearing in 37 games (starting 32) and logging a 3.63 pitchers' ERA.

Monday in the bullpen, Willis threw to him for the first time.

"I'm a very verbal guy," Willis said. "If I throw a bad pitch, I want to know. I want to correct it. He's one that's definitely in tune with the game as far as the hitters. He has a lot of tools back there as far as arm strength and defensively. I'm eager to see how he's going to do.

"On the first day he's telling me what he sees out of me and what happens when I don't do something right. In one bullpen that's pretty impressive. Half the time I don't even know what I'm doing wrong. He was definitely on top of that [Monday]."

If the best pitcher on the Marlins staff, an All-Star, likes pitching to Olivo it may soon be time for Josh to grab his glove and shag some fly balls in left field.  If Willingham is as good with the bat as advertised, why bang him up day after day behind the plate?  Especially when Dontrelle likes throwing to Miguel.

But it's very early.