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National Spring Training Day

I'm glad they finally came around and made the first day of spring training a true holiday.  Over the years I've gotten tired of coming up with new illnesses with which to call in sick.  I know my bosses have tired of that as well.  I am sure that has to be why they made today a national holiday.  

Just for me.

I mean - I know I can't watch anything up here in the butt-cold northern climes, and I know that even if I could it wouldn't necessarily be all that fun - it is after all just the first day of pitchers and catchers working out... but still...  

Baseball is back!!!!

"Monday is going to be the first true special day, because it's when camp starts," Girardi said. "It's wonderful being named the manager of the Florida Marlins. Once Monday starts, it's all for real. That's going to be a special day"

I know what he means - Baseball is here!!!  I just got a little excited (if you know what I mean...)

As I type this, the boys are warming up down there at Roger Dean, working on fielding drills, throwing the ball around.  I can just hear it!  After today we will have pictures and video of all the new fellas!  Life can't be so bad if baseball is back, can it?

We are only 42 days removed from opening day, and this will surely be an eventful spring training for the Marlins.  We also have the WBC to look forward to (whether or not that excites you to a great degree).  There is definitely a light at the end of the tunnel, my friends.  Baseball is here!

Let's celebrate National Spring Training Day in style!

Hot dogs and nachos for everyone!  Keep that beer coming!  

It's a Holiday!