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Marlins are the One and Only

If everything goes according to plan, the Marlins will achieve something, this year, that no other team in the modern history of Major League Baseball has ever achieved.

Not the Yankees, not the Cardinals, not even the Seattle Pilots. The Marlins will be the one and only.

According to Mike Carminati at Baseball Toaster:

I just realized that the Marlins have done something that has never been done before and they haven't even played (and inevitably lost) a game yet.


the Marlins will become the first team in major-league history to replace every starting position player in one offseason.

For this momentous accomplishment to take place it requires that Cabrera starts at third or anywhere else but in left field.  Cabrera is the only returning starting position player on the roster.

It is entirely possible that the Marlins will be record breakers on opening day - writing their name in the history books for all the world to see.  Sure other teams may one day accomplish the same feat but our Marlins will always be the first.

We're Number One!

Aside: If you click on the link, he has a table of all the teams with no more than one holdover starting position player - the Marlins are guaranteed to make the list for third time in nine years.