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Oklahoma City puts on its Dancing Shoes

Another potential suitor has put their name on the dance card.  

Oklahoma Lt. Gov. Mary Fallin said Thursday that she has spoken four times to Marlins vice chairman Joel Mael about the team relocating and has sent information about the market's demographics and economic development.

Wow, that's impressive, the Lt. Governor is spearheading the campaign.  Talk about a big time public official - definitely not the local dog catcher giving it a go.  

Oklahoma City wants to dance.  The Marlins really should charge more than 10 cents a dance. (If anyone gets that song reference I will be completely shocked)

What do we know about the Oklahoma City bid other than they are the smallest metropolitan area to put their name in the running. (1,132,652)

As far as pro sports are concerned, the city is the temporary host of the New Orleans Hornets which they are trying to land permanently.

How are they doing with the Hornets?

The NBA's Hornets have played in front of consistently large crowds in Oklahoma City this season since moving games from New Orleans because of Hurricane Katrina.

I think it's great they are supporting the team that was displaced by a horrible natural disaster.  I really do.

But we all know drawing large crowds to see a pro basketball team, which is new to the city, doesn't necessarily translate into being able to support a major league baseball team for 81 games, year in and year out.

Oklahoma City doesn't have a stadium funding proposal in the works for a MLB team.  Therefore they must feel they have another in with the Marlins management.

Marlins owner Jeff Loria once owned the old Oklahoma City 89ers Triple-A team.

I once saw the 89ers play a home game, but I didn't move there.  Once being an owner in the city may trigger Loria's nostalgic longing for the good old days - I doubt it will be enough to get him to move his multimillion dollar franchise there.

So why would Lt. Governor Mary Fallin make a play, in 2006, to bring a MLB team to the largest city in the state with no funding in the foreseeable future?

Oh, I don't know, but could it be this.