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Top 10 Marlins fantasy players

We have 10!?!  Really!?!

I can't think of ten I would want my fantasy team.  This is assuming a normal 5x5, non-keeper with both leagues included.

Sure I would take D-Train.  His wins are going to suffer and maybe his ERA due to the reduced defense behind him but still, he would be a welcomed addition.

Cabrera, you bet, I'm not sure he will see a strike after May but the boy has the tools to continue to impress.  

Hermida, I would take him as a sleeper.  That said, I wouldn't wait till the final rounds to pick him up.  He would be chosen before he started to peak the other owners interest.

Borowski, if I needed a closer and couldn't find anyone else.

Willingham, if he qualified at catcher and I couldn't get one of the proven ones.

After that, I'm at a loss.

Obviously, if the dynamics of the fantasy league were different - say, NL only, my list would change and include more Marlins players.

Here are the Top 10 the article chose.

Maybe you would do it differently - that's what the comments are for.  Have at it, if you desire.