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D-Train Second out of the Station

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I'm sure most of you know, and especially if you read the diary posted by Mike, that Dontrelle was selected to the 30-man roster for Team USA in the WBC.

The D-Train is slated to be one of the starting pitchers as expected.  Manager Buck Martinez has partially set the starting rotation.

Oakland native Dontrelle Willis of the Florida Marlins. Team USA manager Buck Martinez said Willis will start USA's second game of the round-robin first round: Wednesday, March 8 vs. Canada in Scottsdale, Ariz.

San Diego's Jake Peavy will start USA's first game against Mexico on March 7.

Okay, Willis is the second starter and Peavy is on the mound for the inaugural contest.  That's  cool - I like Jake and I'm sure he will do an excellent job.  But one thing I read last night has me puzzled:

As the opening of the WBC draws near -- it's scheduled for March 3-20 -- don't be surprised if other players, such as San Diego pitcher Jake Peavy and Atlanta outfielder Jeff Francoeur, withdraw as well. Peavy is returning from a fractured rib last fall...

How is Peavy suppose to start if he is kickin' back in Peoria, Arizona?

With this pressing problem on my mind, I decided to go visit the experts who know everything about the Padres - Dex and jbox.  A quick trip to Gaslamp Ball, some speed reading on my part and I saw, nothing, that would clarify this dilemma.  So much for that idea.  

But I did, however, find out one thing - yesterday was their one-year anniversary at Gaslamp Ball.  Sure we're late to the party but if you get a chance go by and give your regards.  If nothing else, read how it all began - you've gotta love those guys.