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Sooooooo Tired....

Honestly - I cannot think of a time in my life when I have been this worn out.

I think I'm getting old.

I blame the Marlins.

In the past it would have been no problem flying around the country, endlessly rehearsing and performing (I won't mention the drinking - oops... guess I did), flying back into blizzards with no sleep only to perform more (the other people couldn't get there because of the snow - but I got there from PHOENIX!!!  Wusses.)  

Nowadays... I have to say, I am feeling it.  I have to admit... I reached just about the limit of my capabilities in terms of stamina yesterday, and then I finally get home (driving through more snow) to THIS.  (via Batgirl)

There is no denying this: Major League Baseball has two franchises absolutely ripe for contraction after the 2006 season in the Twins and Florida.


Baseball could buy out owners Carl Pohlad and Jeff Loria for $200 million to $225 million apiece and pay it off in a hurry with the savings in revenue sharing. For sure, contraction makes much more sense for baseball than trying to find new locales for the Twins and the Marlins.

No wonder I'm so tired.  The Marlins and MLB have wrung every ounce of life from my body.  Not content to make 2006 miserable with a team composed mostly of minor league talent (no matter how good that minor league talent may be) - now we get a little more confirmation (more than just my own paranoid ramblings - search the site and you'll probably find all the contraction talk starts with me) that people are talking contraction seriously.  

What next?  Will Loria and Selig come to my house to kick my dog and spit in my bottle of scotch?  I still have use of both of my arms - maybe they can take care of that little problem too!

I need a drink.  

I just need to check the bottle for any tell-tale signs of commissioner-spit first...