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Flotsam and Jetsam

Once again it's time for Flotsam and Jetsam - yes, I am that lazy.

Lots of stuff for today, including a few predictions about the Marlins for this upcoming season, and Friday was made for surfing.

So let's get to it:

Lead-off: Marc, at our fellow SBN site, Beyond the Boxscore, breaks out his TI-83 calculator and compares the former Marlins to the replacement Marlins.  It's well worth a look.

Second up: The Replacement Level Yankees take projection data from Baseball Think Factory and run a 100 trials to make their predictions on the final team standings.  Guess where the Marlins finish - better yet, click on over and read the results.  (Spoiler Alert:  we won the Wild Card in one of the trials.)

Three hole: SeSports gets out their abacus and applies the projection rules of Baseball Forecaster to determine NL pitchers who will be the most effective in the upcoming season.  The Marlins have two pitchers on the list:  Dontrelle, of course, and one that was somewhat surprising to me.

Clean-up: A couple of Norfolk, VA. businessmen met with Samson yesterday and pitched their city for relocation.  Whenever I hear the name of Norfolk I think of that Chuck Berry song, Promised Land.  If you saw the movie Men in Black, you heard the Elvis version.

Hitting fifth: FSN and sister network will carry 150 games this season with another 3 being broadcast on the national networks.  Believe it or not, the Marlins are on ESPN once this year.  Oh, did I say 150?  Well, if your cable provider is Atlantic Broadband you only get to see 95.  Sorry Miami Beach.

Sixth to the plate: Some Marlins players and wives did a very good thing yesterday.  They helped Habitat for Humanity build a home for victims of Hurricane Wilma.  It's always nice to see them give of themselves.  Oh, Samson was there and judging by the reporter's account - I think he just watched while sipping on a beverage.  Might be wrong on that though.

Lucky Seven: Photi gets mail.

Bringing it home: This has absolutely nothing to do with baseball but I found it interesting.  The record is in the books - 133 straight free throws - the longest in organized basketball history.  Way to go Deb!

And that ends this week's installment of Flotsam and Jetsam.