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It had to be

It comes as no surprise to this blogger, that Alex Gonzalez will soon be a member of the Red Sox.  That is, assuming he passes his physical, which by all indications the BoSox actually plan to administer to one of their ex-Marlins.

Sure Sea Bass was offered more money elsewhere.

The Orioles, Goldschmidt (Alex's agent) said, actually offered more money, with the idea that if they didn't trade shortstop Miguel Tejada, Gonzalez would play third base, with Melvin Mora shifting to the outfield.

But there was never any doubt that he would join the Boston franchise.

Gonzalez will replace Edgar Renteria, whom he replaced as the Florida Marlins' shortstop in 1999.

Alex understands his part in the cosmic merry-go-round of which the Marlins are a center.

Alex replaces Edgar, it's that simple.  Much the same way Lo Duca follows Piazza.

Lo Duca followed Piazza to the Dodgers.  Then he followed him to the Marlins and most recently to the Mets.  It's the karmic way.

I have no idea why the Marlins are a part of this role in determining fate.  I am sure there are people all over South Florida with spectrometers in hand trying to divine the reason but at this point it is still not understood.

Suffice it to say, Alex ended up in Boston because it was his destiny.