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Searching for another Dan Uggla

The Winter Meetings will conclude with the Rule 5 draft today.

Since the new CBA added a year to when a player is eligible, this year's crop isn't that promising.  But that doesn't mean there aren't a couple of prospects out there.

Will Carroll at Baseball Prospectus had this to say:

The name Lee Gronkiewicz could come up early in the Rule 5. The Toronto reliever could hold his own in many major league bullpens. I've known Lee since 2004 and with a combination of a weak Rule 5 class and his talent, I think someone could really get a steal.

Joe Frisaro of added this tidbit:

A player to keep an eye on in the big-league phase of the draft is catcher Jesus Flores, who was left off the Mets' 40-man roster.

Here are a couple of previews for this year's draft. preview of the draft preview

The Marlins probably won't catch lightning in the bottle again this year, but you never know.