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The Baldelli Deal next to Dead

Don't be looking for Rocco Baldelli in a Marlins uniform anytime soon.

The Marlins won't use any of their starters to acquire Devil Rays center fielder Rocco Baldelli...


One option the Marlins no longer are exploring is using any of their premier arms to land Baldelli. A National League official familiar with the Marlins strategy said: "Put it to rest."

Without the Marlins offering a young starter(s), the D-Rays don't seem to be too interested. some dead ends, such as the Marlins, with whom the Rays apparently had significant differences of opinion.

So let me see if have this right: the Marlins value their young starters more than they value someone who could go the way of Preston Wilson.  Lots of talent but too oft-injured to ever live up to his promise.

And the D-Rays think the market is so insane that can get a king's ransom in the most valuable commodity in the game today - young pitching.

I think I see the impasse.

Could the deal still happen?  Yes.  Could I win the next lottery?  Yes.  Do they both have about the same odds?  Yes.

There was one thing I did read that concerned me about who will be manning center field for the Marlins.

GM Larry Beinfest said the Marlins have ''kicked around'' the idea of moving right fielder Jeremy Hermida to center field. But that wouldn't solve the need for another starting outfielder.

Whoa!  I'm not sure that Hermida is physically able to make it through a full-season in right, much less in the expansive lawn in center.  I don't think his hip can stand it.  But on that note: I have said similar things concerning Luis Castillo so it might be better if I left the diagnosis to Fishfan24.

If the team decides to move Hermida to center (bad idea) they could of course do a platoon with Borchard and Ross in right.  I would still rather see Alfredo in center and Wood as the utility man than the above.