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Florida prison inmates getting gifts from the Marlins

Florida's top sports teams are providing holiday gifts to the prison inmates and the Marlins are no exception.

Florida prison inmates are getting pretty nice holiday presents: used equipment from some of the state's top sports teams. The teams and some private donors gave 160 basketballs, 99 baseballs and softballs, 15 footballs, 15 baseball gloves, seven baseball bats, and more than 250 pieces of clothing. The teams include the Tampa Bay Devil Rays (seven gloves), the Miami Heat (four basketballs), Florida State University (12 footballs), the Florida Marlins (25 hats and 200 T-shirts) and the University of Florida (26 basketballs). Nothing from the Bucs, though.

If you are looking to score a Marlins hat or T-shirt, you could knock over a liquor store and hope for the best.  But attending a charity auction could prove a little less costly.